Guest Appearances

Chris Stepien’s books have sparked considerable interest among readers and the media. He is both a frequent and regular guest on secular and Catholic radio shows, and has been interviewed for a variety of publications and TV programs. You can review many of them under Interviews and News Stories.

You’ll find Chris’ upcoming appearances listed below. He is available for interviews, conferences and welcomes book signings. For more information, please contact Chris Stepien.

Good News Book Fair

Everest Academy Library
5935 Clarkston Rd. Clarkston, MI 48384
Topic: "Three Days: The Search for the Boy Messiah"
Contact: Julie Werner, Librarian
(248) 241-9040

Global Catholic Network - Live & Prerecorded Programming
Chris Stepien, News Contributor
Guest Host & Special Guest

Old St. Pat's Book Group

Fr. Jack Wall Mission Center
711 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60661
3rd Floor Library
Topic: "Dying to Be Happy"
Contact Jean Lyon

Sirius XM Radio
The Catholic Channel

“The Jennifer Fulwiler Show”
With Host, Jennifer Fulwiler
Topic: "Dying to Be Happy"